Friday, 17 July 2009

I need more neighbours in my farmtown

To all my friends here and who are playing farmtown in Facebook, I need more neighbours so please let me know if you need more neighbours too, so that we can exchange neighbor LOL. I am slowly but surely addicted to farmtown Yehey, this is achievement LOL. Please guys leave me a message please, let us to be neighbours.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

I sign in Facebook , but I don't know how to do Farming. :(
It is so nice to be here again. :)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hmmm.check ko yang farm town na yan sis..medyo bc lang ang lola mo ngayon. meron akong facebook account kaso di ko naman ina-update.napamember lang ako dyan dahil sa may na receive akong review sa ppp na kailangan eh mag log-in sa facebook acnt. kaya napagawa tuloy ako ng account hehe. ^_^ musta weekend mo friendship?

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