Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The new offer course from k alliance

Last weekend I met my friend who lived here also in Sweden, as we usually do, chat, eat and chat again. She is really happy because she started her computer based training course which own by k alliance. She likes the course and learn a lot about computer and also she gain her knowledge about computer work likes IT and so on. She just confirmed by a classmate that k alliance is now offers distance learning courses which are really convenience to people who like to do the speed of their own study and also they can select where and when to study. I think k alliance is very smart for producing this kind of courses. They save much people´s time to do other things and they make people easily to study.

My friend is planning to chance schedule by applying a new course which is the distance learning courses which are the newly courses of k alliance. The K alliance´s distance learning option, which allows them to participate in a live class without physically being there. And my friend really likes the idea because she thought it´s very convenience. Maybe next week she will start her new course and she told me that she is looking forward to the new offers of k alliance.

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