Friday, 24 July 2009

Looking forward for our travel

When planning for travel, there are a lots of things must be consider likes destination, hotels and many tiny information. There are a lots of hotels which has a good service, such as Ocho Rios hotels and so on. And maybe you wish for caribbean hotels, I can´t blame because caribbean hotels is what everybody can wish for. If there a lot of hotel then of course, there also a lot of countries you can travel too.

I always wish to travel to Jamaica and experience the inclusive Jamaica, but since my husband is busy at work-I need to wait a little bit time before I go travel. I´m sure my husband will give the best travelling that I wish for, since I never had a travel since I migrate here in Sweden. And he had promised me that he will take me to the place that I like to visit. So I am looking forward for our vacation together, I know this will be memorable travel since we never done travelling together, this will be our first time to travelling together.

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