Monday, 13 July 2009

My first Mung Recipe

I and hubby went to the Asian store which he discovered and though that, it would be fun to bring me there. And it was really fun endeed, because I found some foods that I never thought would exist here like for example mung beans (mongo beans) and others too. I bought mung and other food too, we tried also some dessert from Turkey, Iran, Iraq and other middle east countries. We realized it was not asian store at all because, as we saw it was more middle east food but there are some product which is from Asian like mung (but mung can be also found in other countries). It was fun to go out with my husband to a new place which is both new to us.

Anyway when we got home, I cooked the mung, since I never done it before I need to look in Google how to cook it. At first I was starting to be sad because it seems the mung I cook for half an hour is not soft yet, but after that I realized maybe it takes more minutes or hours so I let it until it became soft. It was funny because after an hour, it became soft or cook, it was became twice portion to my recipe so I only used half of the mung which was cooked. This is my first time to cook this mung beans recipe and I was really happy because it turn out delicious and my husband love it.


Jenny said...

Girl musta? äntligen hemma nu!.. wow ang mongo na niluto mo is much perfect sa tuyo na dala ko. Sana inantay mo ng konti ako bago ka nagluto..hehehe. Vi ses

Dhemz said...

woi, nag mongos man diay ka diha nyora....kalami ani...wala pako kaluto ani dire, kay unya ug d mo bukad...d sad ko mahilig..hehehe!

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