Thursday, 16 July 2009

I hang out with my girlfriends

My girlfriends Jenny and Janet visited me here in my crib yesterday, since I and Janet have a pasalubong from our girlfriend Jenny who just recently had her vacation in Philippines. It was a month ago since we hang out together, so we decided to meet again and get our pasalubong from Jenny. Jenny brought dried fish (tuyo in tagalog) and I was really happy because it was quite long since I last eat dried fish. We cook together for lunch, we had rice, mongo together with the dried fish and it was YUM. We had a chatted together, karaoke and laugh a lot. It is really amazing because when we we´re together, we feel happy and we like each other company. I think that is the benefit having a nice friend like them, when I am with them, I get stressless because of the feeling when I am with them. Anyway Tack for er och jag hoppas att vi kan umgås igen, det var så kul att se er.

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