Thursday, 2 July 2009

I am a newbie in the Farmtown

As you can see I didn´t update my blog yesterday and I did not grab some opportunity. Simple, because I was lazy and little bit bored in my blog so I went to my Facebook and found this FARMTOWN game which is absolutely free. So I tried to played it and see if I like it, and make some new routine other than blogging. I started yesterday and I found it interesting and fun to play. I also want to give my self a little time to miss my blog LOL, so here I am back to blogging since I miss my blog LOL.I post a picture of my farm and as you can see, I am poor because I don´t have house and other stuffs too. I need to have a high level to able to buy stuff, and I am working on it! Maybe some of you guy, are playing this game. Maybe you can hire me for a job? Leave a message if you want me to work in your farm, it will be high appreciate.


eva said...

mukhang andami naloloko sa farmtown game ng facebook ah. i have a friend din and he is crazy playing this game. he also mentioned it in his blog.


chrissred said...

Hi sis! Add me too, I'm a great follower of farmtown din, ewan ko pano ako nawili talaga. Nakakarelax din kasi and I think of playing farmtown as a lesson in life that persistence pays.


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