Thursday, 16 July 2009

We try to enjoy our vacation

When it summer here in Sweden all people try to visit other countries while the other are trying to enjoy to stay here and do some activities. For me and my husband we decided to stay here in Sweden since we don´t have some budget for vacation somewhere, but we try to do that next year. But while waiting for that, we try to enjoy our vacation here, and we try to do some activities like going to the other places here in Gothenburg, like big amusement park and so on. And next week we will do activity like I said and we will need a Roller Skates because we will going to skates in the special places here in Gothenburg which was currently finished.

I am really excited since it was long time ago since I do skates and it was in the Philippines, I wonder if I still know how to skates. But I will see next week, I will also invited some of my girlfriends because the more skaters the more fun right? And I hope they are not busy and no schedule for meeting people, otherwise it will be only me and my husband. How about you? how do you spend your summer vacation? Anyway whatever you do in your summer vacation, I hope you enjoy and love it.

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