Monday, 20 July 2009

Our food trip together

We end our weekend last night, by cooking together as we usually do during weekend. This is also one way to bonding together since we can´t do some vacation because og my husband hectic schdule at work, but he promised me that, when he will not be busy anymore, he will take me to any places that I like to visit. My husband don´t like just to sit down, while I am in the kitchen preparing our food, he always love to help me to do food stuff when he does nothing. So last night we prepared the food together, I made Chinese chicken curry and rice, and he made carrot cake. My husband is always good in the kitchen evens before he was a bachelor, he does everything and here in Sweden maid is not normal. And everytime I make food he always love to help me and I am happy for that because not all husbands like to work in the kitchen right? Anyway below is our food lasts night that we made together and it was so delicious YUMMY. It was a good end for our weekend together.

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