Thursday, 16 July 2009

I will buy new luggage

I am really excited to have my vacation in the Philippines even though it is not really sure yet, since I need to have a budget money and I am still waiting for my permanent visa interview. I hope it will be next month so that I can start to travel around Europe since I will get a European Union Visa it means I can visit more than 27 countries here in Europe. But I am more looking forward to visit my family in the Philippines. But first I need to buy something for them like a present, it´s been a tradition to a Filipino people to bring something to their family when they are from abroad. So for me I am a little bit busies looking for something to my family since I have a big family back in Philippines. So it means I need a big luggage so that I will have all things that should be with me when I am away. That´s why everytime I sit in my computer room I don´t forget to surf the net to get my new luggage because I know that I really need one for my coming travel.

I know it´s not really sure yet but I am still excited about it, and I am always pray that I can able to visit Philippines because I really miss my family specially my mom and dad. It was really funny because I have told my family that maybe I can visit them this year and they we´re so happy and my mom and dad starting to said what they want me to bring for them. Anyway if ever I have a lot of budget money I will buy something for my parents because I know they will be really happy for that. So hopefully I visit Philippines before this year end.

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