Friday, 17 July 2009

I chatted to my family in Philippines

This morning I was chatting with my family, I talked to my mom and dad. They both asked when I will visited them because they miss me so much. I also talked to my sister and already asked some pasalubong, OMG! I need to have a budget for their pasalubong. When I was talking to my dad, he told me it not suit me well with my bangs, he laughed when he said it, so while we we´re talking I put some hair clip in my bangs LOL. I can think that my mom and dad miss me so much the way they talked. It is getting better now, because my mom don´t cried anymore when we talked, not like before because everytime we chatted she cried a lot. But I am glad because she don´t cry this time, I am really happy today to both see my parents healthy and that the only thing I wish for. I hope to see them this year.

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