Tuesday, 7 July 2009

We will going out for a date (watch Ice Age 3)

I and hubby will have a date today, around 9 in the evening. We will going to watch Ice Age 3 in the theater which is walking distance from our apartment. We both love the movie from the first Ice Age and we will see if the series 3 will be more fun. And it makes more fun because we will watch the 3 D one, so I think this can be a nice date with my hubby. Anyway who have seen the movie already? What do you think of the movie? So see you all guys later, I need to get ready for our date LOL.


Weng Forsgren said...

cge lang shy nga imong hubby busy kay sunod ana tingob man pod inyong bakasyon.
nagcge lang pa na tingub og kwarta imong hubby hehe. bawion rana ninyo puhon.

Nagpahimolus lang mi ron kay free ko, kay human ani banat banat napod para mabuhi. kabalo ka dri mahal kaayo mga palitinon, cge kayud basta naay chance.

Ice age sus wa jud ko kakita ana , mag hulam lang cgro ko og dvd or kung wala mangita og sale na dvd hehe.

amiable amy said...

Love animated movies...love that too. Hey, thanks for the greetings hehehe. Another year added.LOL!

Shy, add tawon nia ako 3 ka blogs , humana nko na add nia ha:

business matters- http://www.amiableamy.com/

beyond photography- http://www.mycameratrip.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Hi shy!
Grabe...makalingaw kaayo.

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