Monday, 2 February 2009

I missed my tasks

I been away from my computer today that causes me of missed some tasks specially in PP which I almost has a payment for this month but since I missed some tasks it means I wait until next month to get my payment from them because I need to earn 50 bucks before I get payment. Anyway there will be more tasks to come LOL, tomorrow is school time again so it means I will be away from my computer from morning until afternoon it means I will miss more tasks LOL.


payatot said...

hello shy, pakiadd mo na lang ako ha! busy ka ha! ok yan skul naman e..ingat

Umma said...

OK lang yan SHY.. mas important ang school mo.. we cannot sit in front of our computer 24/7.. hahaha

Better luck next time daw..

Babette said...

Hello Shy, akala ko naligaw ako kasi ibang template. LOL PAra naman itong damit, papalit-palit. hehehe
Musta na ang school mo?
Eto nga pala mga links ko:
Dami ko na palang blog pero pordoy pa rin. LOL c u in chat. :o)

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