Monday, 2 February 2009

Quite Cold Today

It was quite cold today and the temperature said -6 grrhhh that´s totally very cold. February is the coldest month here in Sweden and speaking of February my birthday is coming too, eww I´m getting old LOL and Valentine Day. Anyway I hope there will be a lots of snow before the winter season will end because maybe I will not experience the snow here next time.

It was not busy in school today, we were half day today and I love it because it means I can sleep until ten am hehe, we did our assignment to do interview with people who work in Gym. Tomorrow will be new day and I will have a whole day class tomorrow and it´s boring LOL.

I did a little bit of shopping today, I bought new jeans, jacket for spring time, scarf and blouse. I will be a live for once a month shopping LoL, but I try to control it because my cabinet now is full, some of my clothes that I never wear but I brought here in Sweden, I bring them back when I visit Philippines and give to my niece.


payatot said...

masarap ang malamig kung minsan mo lang sya mararanasan, pero kung lagi na lang kaka inis din..ang hirap lumabas ng haus pag ganyan kahit marami kang panlaban sa lamig..sabagay, sweden yan..

Mira said...

Same here, still very cold and it's just too nasty to go out. Hey you must have changed your LO three times already ;-). I like this one. I will link you up to my 6 blogs, pls link me too, tks.
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Btw, you were one of my top 10 droppers at My Barefoot Journey and Scrappy Mommy, thanks so much!

Shyn said...

advance happy bday to you. :)

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