Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Happy Me!

Finally I got a phone call from my the school and they let me know that they have found place for me where I´m going to start my practicum. I am really happy even there´s only few weeks leave for my practicum, I will have 12 days to do my practicum supposed to be it should be one months but as I have the problem with my first practicum place. But anyway I´m really happy and I will start my practicum tomorrow and it was really good place because it´s only walking distance from my home. So let see tomorrow if the people there are nice to me, I hope the people are nice like it used to be LOL. Anyway wish me luck and I will miss sitting down here in my computer since I used to sit here for the whole day but tomorrow it will not be happen because I need to work seven hours a day. I´m excited to meet the people and kids in my practicum place.


Umma said...

Good to know about that SHY... btw ano ba ang course mo Shy?

Good luck sa practicum mo diay.

amiable amy said...

Goodluck girl!So, busy ba beauty natin in the coming days?

SimplyHappyMe said...

good luck on your practicum shy! you can do it! just be yourself and be confident :)

thanks for the sweet greetings about my hoars voice.

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