Thursday, 26 February 2009

First Day in My Practicum Part 2

My first day in my practicum was really great,nice people,kids so it was perfect day for me. The kids was really nice with me, at first they don´t dare to come with me but in a few hours they talk and talk to me. The good thing is my friend is working there and guess what guys we have the same name "Sarah" she was really with me so I am happy and contented with my practicum place now, I will work there for 11 days from now. And starting today I will not much hang out here in my blog but I will try to update everyday, you see I will working seven hours a day and when I got home I´m really tire that´s makes me take a nap likes I do today but anyway it was worth it.

We play today and I took some picture of the kids. So here it is. What do you about them? Are they not really cute?


maxi said...

glad to know that you are already enjoying in your "praktik plats" now. the kids are really cute! De är jättegulliga, Shy! Det är mycket bra att du har tagit många bilder av dem. Du måste ta några bilder med barnen så att du också ska vara i bilden.

ha det roligt!

rObrak said...

hello! what is your practicum all about? I'm happy for you! Enjoy life to the fullest!

sexyjessie said...

Hey, Shy, are you taking up the course diploma in early childhood education?

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