Friday, 6 February 2009

Meeting friends Tomorrow!!

I will meet my best friend tomorrow after my school, I feel happy when the Friday comes because I will have a half day school and the next day will be week end and it means no class. And guess what guys I don´t have a school next week because it will be "sport lov" (sport event) so it means we don´t have a class for a week YEHEY I LOVE IT! hehehehe..... And after that I will start my practicum in the Kindergarten hhmm I am really excited to meet new children and people who is working there! Let see what will happen, one thing is for sure I will love it! This will be my third time doing practice so far I love it and I learn a lot about kids and also my Swedish language is improving everyday!

1 comment:

payatot said...

masarap naman talaga ang friday, kase ibig sabihin noon e malapit na bakasyon ng 2 araw di ba?

parang mahilig ka sa kidz..?

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