Tuesday, 17 February 2009

First Day in My Practicum

My first day in my practicum was not really great, because I was lost hehe. Since I was new to the other City in Gothenburg I was lost going there! It was like this, I will take bus from our home until to another City call Mölnlycke Centrum and after that I need to change another bus again until to my destination which my kindergarten. But when I got to Mölnlycke Centrum and took a bus going to my kindergarten I took the wrong one going back to Gothenburg, so it was not really great because I need to stop in the middle of nowhere and I don´t know the place.

So I end walking through the place I never knew and it was quite cold, my body was shaking because of cold and my nose was really red and my hand was feeling numb. At all it´s not a really nice day for me. But thanks God I managed to find my destination which is Mölnlycke Centrum and this time I asked the driver if it goes to my destination area.

Anyway I still felt dizzy that time as you know guys I have this seasick, but I didn´t think about it. I was focused to find my way back to the right area.No time for OE as in over acting because I was alone. So I need to took care of myself since my husband was not with me.

When I got to kindergarten, I meet the person who will be my leader and show and teach everything about Kindergarten matters. She was so nice to me and the kids are really cute and polite. So that´s my first day in my practicum.

Tomorrow will be another day, so I hope this time I am careful so that I will not lost again. My husband will does our dinner tonight since I was dare to tried to come to my practicum alone even I have this seasick problem. He told me the dinner will be my reward LOL.


Anonymous said...

was here today, just checking up with latest updates...hope you visit me back...thanks


Jen said...

That's really nice that he's going to reward you with dinner! Good luck with your practicum. I student taught in Kindergarten and loved it!

Jen from
Creative and Curious Kids!

maxi said...

kaya mo 'yan! ikaw pa! okey lang if you got lost once... di na yan mauulit...

have fun sa internship mo!

Umma said...

Hello Shy, ano ba ang course na guina take mo ngayon?

Good luck to your practicum Shy ,sometimes its fun to venture in a far away land and learn it from our experience.

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