Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Date with my husband

I don´t know guys if you consider this as a date, me and my husband watched this movie Bolt. Earlier I really don´t have any idea where my husband took me because when he went home he just told me that we were going out later and he told me that it will be surprised. It was really funny because he brought his toothbrush just to confused me where we go. But later when I noticed were walking toward the Movie Theater then I knew it already were we go.

When the movie started I noticed there is no kids inside all are teenagers and I think 30 plus years old people. I was really surprised because I never thought 30 plus years old will watch this kind of movie except for my husband who´s love cartoons or for kids movie hehehe..

Anyway it was a good movie and I like and I´m sure my husband too. When the movie was finished I got a little bit headache because we wore eyeglasses because it was three dimension movie that why everybody was wearing eyeglasses. I like it because of what the image of the picture but I was surprised because I have been watching movie in the Philippines it´s never happen that I wore eyeglasses hehehe..
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