Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Marriage Proposal

I was tag by Amy about marriage proposal moment and I want to apologies for late posting. Anyway let star to the business LOL. I think maybe some Davawenya can recognize this place in Davao which is the "Hill Top"

When my husband visited me for the very first time and we went to this place have a good date and sing along with karaoke with my sister. I leave my sister in karaoke area and look at the view of the City with my husband, he took my hand and said "Sarah will you marry me" I was really surprised because I never thought that he will said it. At that moment I was really speechless and my hand is shaking hehehe..and I notice he still very quite and waiting for my answered and finally my mouth move and said "Yes" and nothing more words came out from my mouth and after that he kiss me and hug me and said "you make me really happy".

You know guys he´s the only one who proposed without ring LOL. And the other day we bought ring for me, That´s it! Anyway I´m tagging this to all my blogroll friends and I hope somebody will grab it thanks!


Manang Kim said...

Hehehe kaya I like to read tags because everybody is unique and the story are awesome. About the panuhot I post an entry about it yesterday. Thanks sa visit shy to appreciate it much. Will add you ha to my blogroll -wink-

Anonymous said...

How sweet of him Shy,I'm sure it was one of your unforgettable memories.

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