Thursday, 12 February 2009

Best Post of me?



As I couldn´t think anything to post today, I just got an idea to do photo shooting by my self in the bathroom hehehe... I need to post something before I can make a review as it´s not allow to post disclose review. I was at home for the whole day today, I didn´t planned to go out because it was -2 degrees and it means it cold out side. And also I don´t like to go out alone, I need somebody to be with me everytime I go out cause I thought it´s always boring to go out alone. But tomorrow I will meet my friend Ivonnie and her little son, we will going to eat lunch here and I will make fried bangus as I knew Ivonnie like bangus and it was timing because my husband bought two pieces of bangus last week. After our lunch we will going out for a window shopping and maybe I will buy make up things let see tomorrow. Anyway enjoy my picture LOL, which one is best post of me??



1 comment:

Jennie said...

hahaha wala ka nga magawa no? But infearness cute ha. Good luck sa pagluto and regards to your friend. See you around.

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