Tuesday, 10 February 2009

SocialsPark problem

I have this problem for a month now in Socialspark, even the opps is open for and there´s the sign "take this opportunity" when I click it, it says wait at the queue. I have the three opportunity which always end of wait at the queue, I don´t like it´s piss me off because I never know if there´s a problem or nothing. I already mail them but they said I just need to wait at the slot but it´s too much waiting I think and it´s get me irritated everytime I sign in and saw this "take this opportunity" and later it will show "wait for the slot" or "do you want to be in queue" I don´t know what will I do with this advertiser. Can anybody explains it to me why it´s goes like that? or maybe you encounter this kind of problem I have right now.

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