Sunday, 15 February 2009

Visit to my Practice Place

When I am starting my practicum, me and my hubby will going to visit my practicum place before I started because at least I will know the place and what kind of transportation I will use. So today we went to my practice place which it is another City. I was a little bit irritated with the teacher who give me the place because it is long way from the place where I lived and also I hate to ride a bus because of throwing up. So when we ride the bus I am almost got dizzy and feeling to throw up but good to know because I tried to control it and I did- and good to knew because I never throw up inside in the bus that will be so disgusting. I already took a medicine but I thought the medicine didn´t work.

When we got to the place where I´m going to do my practicum, I was feeling so bad because of riding a bus. My husband tried to find idea so that I will forgot my bad feelings so he asked where´s the camera and took a picture of me and my hubby- so here´s some picture we took earlier. But sad to say I will not going to do my practicum in this place because of my problem riding a bus, so tomorrow I will call the school and tell my problem so that they can find new place foe me to do my practicum.


Shawie said...

well, good luck on your practicum, gurl:) hope you'll have fun learning:)

Basti said...

Whoa I used to have the same problem when I was young, I hated having to ride the public buses because the different smells make me wanna throw up and then I get seasick. Lol but I'm glad I got over it.


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