Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Just a post

I made my 300 drop yesterday, but I am wondering because everytime I drop ec instead it show "drop" it was "300 per day" so now I am wondering why the other dropper they can drop since they wanted? should I just continue dropping even I see this message "300 per day" because I want to drop since I can drop maybe 500 a day or so on. I think there´s a lot of blogger out there who can help me, I´ll be waiting for your help ^_^.

Anyway my friend will be here so soon because I will help her about blog matters and after that we will going to sing because she bring her magic sing. I cooked chicken afritado for our lunch, Who like chicken afritado here? want some? LOL.. And maybe later we will going to take walk in the City and take some picture too, let see what will happen! See you later guys mwah!


Kamilia said...

just reading your post and unfortunately i couldn't help u outta this..

payatot said...

afritada ba? penge naman dyan, masarap yan...nakidaan at nakibasa

Bruce said...

I found your site through Entrecard. I am an American Expat living in your home city, Davao, Philippines.
I hope you will visit, enjoy and comment on my site, www.americanindavao.com

I hope you will enjoy and will tell your friends.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

I heard hanggan 500 yata and dropping ng EC eh.
Anyway, sounds like you will be having fun. Pwede maki-join? Haay, miss ko na Cebu. :)

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