Saturday, 7 February 2009

How Valentine Day Started?

Valentine Day is coming and let me tell you what I read about "how the Valentine Day started". On February 14 people from Rome celebrated it as "Day of Love" they called it Lupercalia which means a "she wolf" base in the legend who take care of two founders from Rome namely Rumolos and Reus. Every Lupercalia in Rome, man get naked and run in the street while girls try to get them, but since it is rude the church changed it with the name of three Saint Valentine who was martyr and killed in Africa, bishop in Terni Italy and a priest in Rome. This three Saint is not related about love or romance. What a strength ha?


amiable amy said...

ahhh....thanks for the info, i added your blog to my bloglist 2

Mira said...

Hi Shy, I linked your 2 blogs to my 4 blogs already. I didn't see A Moment to Exhale here though, pls update, thanks.

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